Northwestern Girl

Using colored pencils, I did my best to capture a moment of Lizzy’s laughter. I have no experience with this medium and felt like an incompetent child most of the time I was working on the project. Still, the colors were a lot of fun to play with and even though it was a challenge, it depicts what it was meant to: a vibrant girl enjoying life in the Northwest. It doesn’t get much better than that.

Northwestern Girl

Loudly Sisters

2013 has arrived and Lydia and Sarah are the same as ever. They’re practically the embodiment of smiles and theatrics. As we ventured around the heart of our wintery hometown I found myself wishing I was making a video instead of just a photoshoot. You can’t quite capture these girls without audio. They like to be heard! Here’s just a little sampling of the session. I hope you all enjoy 🙂 And thank you Lydia and Sarah for being such colorful models!

When We Called Her Grace

My gorgeous friend Abby disguised as Grace Ferrel from the musical Annie. She’s rocking a scarlet suit and holding a carnation she recieved for her amazing performance. It was too perfect not to paint.

(As a side note: This watercolor is the final instalment in my “Perspective Portraits” project. It’s been a fun semester!)



A Boy Named Brayden

The goal was simply to capture what I saw: a little boy, sitting in the sunshine, after a long nap.

This is the first from my Art Perspectives Project. I will be drawing the same subject from various angles. These are just sketches with a touch of watercolor.