When We Called Her Grace

My gorgeous friend Abby disguised as Grace Ferrel from the musical Annie. She’s rocking a scarlet suit and holding a carnation she recieved for her amazing performance. It was too perfect not to paint.

(As a side note: This watercolor is the final instalment in my “Perspective Portraits” project. It’s been a fun semester!)




With a warm smile and bright eyes, it’s hard for Martha not to be cute. She was kind enough to model for me as I took on the challenge of pastels. Thank you my little Ethiopian beauty!
(And although I usually avoid saying this: it looks better in person! As does the model 😉 )


A Boy Named Brayden

The goal was simply to capture what I saw: a little boy, sitting in the sunshine, after a long nap.

This is the first from my Art Perspectives Project. I will be drawing the same subject from various angles. These are just sketches with a touch of watercolor.