Sometimes people ask me why I use “unrealistic” colors in my shading. Well, because it is a painting, and if I wanted it to look like a photograph, I would take a photograph.
But I digress. This is Lucy. I think she looks like a beautiful elfin princess. And watercolor suited her.


Holly Rose

Holly Rose,

hollyFor every time you’ve been a friend to the underappreciated or the misunderstood.

For every time you’ve been expected to manage things on your own, because you’re the only one not complaining.

For every time you haven’t received the consideration you deserve because you’re the one considering everyone else.

For every time you’ve stood quietly by my side amidst a tangle of conversation and given me that smirk that says, “We will talk about this later.”

For every time you’ve seen what is unlovely in others and loved them all the more.

For each of these and all the rest, you are beautiful.

Even more beautiful than you appear.


To Hands Who Hurt


Arms length doesn’t mean you get to

break my bones to get closer to me.

Have you ever felt your neck

pop as your head hits the floor?

One kiss doesn’t mean you get to

rip out every breath that I breath.

Have you ever felt your spine

ache from all the nights before?

Silence isn’t yes when

I’m afraid to tell you no.

Have you ever missed another hurt

who hurt less than today?

“I don’t want you” isn’t code for

“Never let me go.”

Have you ever felt another’s sin

and shouldered all the shame?